Open Access Policy for the Nursing Journal of India:
I. Purpose and Scope: The Nursing Journal of India is committed to promoting open access to scientific research in the field of nursing. This policy aims to outline the guidelines and procedures for authors, peer reviewers, readers, and the journal itself to ensure the widest possible dissemination of knowledge and research findings.

ii. Types of Articles: The Nursing Journal of India accepts various types of articles, including original research papers, review articles, case studies, editorials, and letters to the editor. All accepted articles are eligible for open-access publication.

iii. Article Processing Charges (APCs): There are no article processing charges or fees recovered from the authors upon acceptance of their articles.

iv. Accessibility and Archiving: All articles published in the Nursing Journal of India will be available on a subscription basis and accessible to readers worldwide upon publication. The journal will utilize a digital platform to ensure easy access to articles. Additionally, the journal will deposit its content in relevant digital repositories and archives to facilitate long-term preservation and archiving.

v. Promotion and Indexing: The Nursing Journal of India will actively promote its open-access articles through various channels, including social media, email newsletters, and academic networks. The journal will also strive to index its content in reputable databases, directories, and indexing services to enhance discoverability and reach.

vi. Author Responsibilities: Authors submitting articles to the Nursing Journal of India are responsible for ensuring that their work is original, accurate, and ethically sound. They must obtain any necessary permissions or rights for material included in their articles. Authors should also disclose any conflicts of interest and provide appropriate acknowledgments and funding information.

vii. Peer Review: The Nursing Journal of India follows a rigorous double-blind peer review process to ensure the quality and integrity of published articles. The open access policy does not compromise the journal's commitment to peer review excellence. All submitted articles will undergo a thorough peer review by experts in the field.

viii. Copyright and Ownership: The Trained Nurses' Association of India retains the copyright of the articles published in the Nursing Journal of India.

ix. Reprints and Republishing:
(a) Authors are not permitted to reprint or distribute their published articles for commercialpurposes. However, if authors wish to disseminate their articles for non-commercial purposes, they should acknowledge the Nursing Journal of India as the original source of publication.

(b) The articles published in the Nursing Journal of India are the intellectual property of the TNAI (The Trained Nurses' Association of India). Once an article is published in the Nursing Journal of India, it should not be published elsewhere without prior permission from the journal.